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St. Joseph School Tuition
St. Joseph Catholic School Olney, Illinois



Parishioner* - 1 student family:$3,700

Parishioner* - 2 student family:$5,550

Parishioner* - 3 student family:$6,850

Each additional student- $1300

*Parishioner Rate applies to Members of:

St. Joseph Catholic Church - Olney

Holy Cross Catholic Church - Wendelin

St. Joseph Catholic Church - Stringtown

Non-Parishioner - 1 student family: $4,900

Non-Parishioner - 2 student family: $7,350

Non-Parishioner - 3 student family: $9,050

Each additional student- $1,700



2 half days: $1,300/year

2 full days:  $2,600/year

3 half days: $1,950/year

3 full days: $3,900/year

5 half days: $3,250/year

5 full days:  $5,200/year

A non-refundable fee of $50 or $100 is due at the time you initially register your child.  Tuition must be paid monthly in 10 equal installments by auto withdrawal.  


St. Joseph School is committed to educating children, and therefore has tuition assistance programs for active parish families (St. Joseph, Olney; St. Joseph, Stringtown; and Holy Cross, Wendelin.)


Bill Fehrenbacher

This scholarship is provided by the family of Bill Fehrenbacher and supports children starting in kindergarten all the way through eighth grade.  Students must maintain an A or B average to earn the scholarship each year.  Families may contact Carol Potter, St. Joseph Principal, for more information.  These scholarships are awarded in March for the next academic year.

Parish Tuition Assistance

St. Joseph - Olney, provides additional funds to parish families who choose Catholic education and need additional support.  Parishioners may contact Josy Hart, St. Joseph Principal, for more information.


Tuition alone to St. Joseph School does not cover the cost of educating a child.  The Catholic Parishes of St. Joseph - Olney, Holy Cross - Wendelin, and St. Joseph - Stringtown support the school in order to help keep tuition reasonable for families.


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