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St. Joseph Catholic School Olney, Illinois Calendar
St. Joseph Catholic School Olney, Illinois
St. Joseph Catholic School Olney, Illinois
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Welcome to St. Joseph School

I am blessed to be the principal at St. Joseph, and I am thrilled to be part of the team that provides each child with an engaging, faith-filled academic education. We are fortunate to have a strong staff and committed families join together with our parishes to educate children in our faith tradition.


In 2016, we opened the doors to our new, safe, handicap accessible facility.  Through generosity and the sharing of time and talent, we built a school to meet the needs of our growing population. The building is now under one roof (including a connection to the church) and is equipped with the latest technology.  This facility is a tremendous testament to our commitment to the future.


St. Joseph School is an integral part of our parishes.  Our school provides future parishioners and leaders, so it is vital that we have a strong tie to our churches.  We invite you to our weekly mass, held Wednesdays at 8:05 a.m., to worship and celebrate our school and its children.  Each week, a grade level is responsible for the mass and its gospel message.  Join us to gather in God’s name and share in the joy of our Catholic school.

As a teacher, educational consultant, and principal for over 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many educational staff members and parents.  I love teaching, and I value education. My leadership style is one that welcomes ideas, opinions, creative solutions, and parish involvement.  It is only through combined efforts that we continue to build a strong school.

When I sang in the St. Joseph School choir in the 1980s, Sister Therese Anne Kiefer taught us what would become my favorite song - “The Mustard Seed.”  The song taught the lesson that a tiny mustard seed is full of promise, much like the kingdom of God.  Our school is like that seed, small in size but large in the community that grows from our love and faith in God.

When I attend school celebrations, I am often misty-eyed.  My role as a parishioner and alumnus makes me feel success at student achievements and joy at their friendships.  We should all experience the love of a class which shares so many years, growing and learning. It is an exciting time to be a part of St. Joseph School.


Take time to celebrate our school, its children, and the successes of our faith community. We are truly blessed to offer this opportunity.  We are grateful to families who share their children with us.

In peace and love,

Carol McKinney Potter

Class of 1983

St. Joseph Catholic School Olney, Illinois
St. Joseph Catholic School Olney, Illinois
St. Joseph Catholic School Olney, Illinois
St. Joseph Catholic School Olney, Illinois
Diocese of Belleville
St. Joseph Catholic School Olney, Illinois
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